The product looks beautiful in the spread! Your issue is absolutely stunning and we’re so pleased you worked with us. We’ll be sure to share across social media.
Kindest Regards,

I received the copies of the magazine you sent us (THANK YOU!!!) and was so excited and thrilled, I shared photos of it before even seeing this email! ;)
 keep up the great work!!

Just wanted to let you know that Namiji KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with my upcoming issue!!!  She did some FANTASTIC features for me that blew me away AND she went out of her way today to get my book built. This was one of the smoothest closings I’ve ever had and I’m really happy with the final product!
Just wanted to let her boss know J

Hi Namiji,

You are such an amazing talented artist. I could not have hope for this magazine to look any more amazing than it does.
Thank you for making my work look better than it is an for all the hard work I am sure you put into it. As a former graphic designer I know how tedious it is and how things are and how much time, effort and attention to detail it takes to create an amazing layout as you have.
You excited all my expectations and I love everything about this magazine. Being the first time I see my work on print makes me very happy and specially when its such a big feature.
Thank you for believing in me, for working with me and for being someone I now consider a friend…


Hi Namiji
It is awesome.  I love it.  Great job


I've finally had a chance to sit down and look at the new issue and I am absolutely blown away. I am so very proud of you and thankful for the opportunity to work with you every day! IT IS GORGEOUS!!!! Now, let's celebrate!

T.B, Marketing Manager